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A Day In Brooklyn!

While in Brooklyn, NYC Béton Ciré met up with Marcus Stewart also known as ‘The Fashion Doctor’ by his clientele and his community through social media!

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Blood Orange : An Uncommon Ambassador

Dev Hynes was first seen wearing a BETON CIRE during his world tour in 2016. Since then, he’s always got it on him. Dev Hynes, Devonté Hynes or Blood orange, is a singer, songwritter, composer, dan...

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MOB HOTEL : Pop Up Store Béton Ciré & Friends

From June 1st to 15th, BETON CIRE was in the MOB Hotel for a POP UP store & friends. FWe have decided to weight the ancor in this unique and trendy Parisian place trough a city & sea scenog...

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Maison Chateau Rouge X Béton Ciré Featuring

The Senagalese Bretons During a conversation, Amelie Leroux, founder of Beton Cire, and Youssouf, the founder of Maison Chateau Rouge found a surprising link between their two universes : “ the Sen...

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