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How to Wear Your Hat?

Worn slightly backwards

Worn forward

Worn strap on the front

Leather strap inside the hem

The MIKI Docker

Iconic item of the brand coming from Brittany and its sailor's cloakroom, the Miki docker beanie, halfway between a hat and a cap, is revisited each new collection. The Miki docker beanie by BÉTON CIRÉ plays with urban codes, the latest trends and workwear inspirations. The headgear is adapted for casual, trendy and streetwear styles.

BÉTON CIRÉ has two main lines of Miki docker hats: the Timeless line with durable denim models and plain colors to wear all year long, and the C​ollection line whose chosen materials and designs are defined following the trends of the current season.

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Brim raised in front

Brim straight

The pointed end to the back

Brim raised front and back


The Chalutier rain hat or sou'wester is the original fisherman’s hat! It is revisited at each collection at BETON CIRÉ. It protects from the cold, the rain, the wind but also from the sun with its all-encompassing shape at the top, its pointed shape in the back and its broad and flat edges.

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​Covering the forehead

Wide hem


The iconic Miki docker beanie by BÉTON CIRÉ is available in wool beanie. These 100% wool threads provide warmth and sturdiness in winter. The logo is embroidered tone-on-tone and is knitted in a tight jersey stitch to keep your head warm while remaining soft and comfortable to wear. ONLY MADE IN FRANCE

The beanie can be worn shorter or in a more covering way. The wide hem allows you to adjust the way of wearing it: for a more urban look it will be worn very short over the ears and for a more casual style the hem will be left wide and covering.

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Brim straight

Brim raised


Now amongst the most wanted headwear accessory, the bucket hat by BÉTON CIRÉ is available in soft and breathable materials for Summer or in warmer and more covering fabrics for Winter.

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Worn back on the head

Worn regular

The City Cap

BÉTON CIRÉ introduces its range of hats with the cap, «must- have» from the 19th century from the street as one of the most essential and predominant accessory of urban culture. The brand declines caps in different cuttings according to the seasons.

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Worn pushed back



Elastic band on the back


BÉTON CIRÉ pays tribute to the mythical French headgear: the beret hat. The brand is inspired by the national navy whose pompon has been replaced by a small cord for a more urban look.

Thanks to its volume and head measurement the beret hat maintains its shape in all circumstances. An elastic band on its back allows it to adapt to each heads and to be comfortable.

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