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Caring and Washing


Dry washing is strongly recommended for the maintenance of the Miki docker beanie. ​Avoid contact with water when the adjustable strap is made of real leather because it can bleed onto the hat.
If you decide, however, to put your Miki docker beanie in the washing machine, we cannot guarantee that the leather strap (if the hat has one) will not lose its color. ​Therefore, we cannot take responsibility for any degradation of the hat that would be linked to the use of a washing machine for maintenance.

In order to preserve the good shape of your Miki docker beanie, we advise you to place it on a wooden hat head, for example, when you are not wearing it. Otherwise, do not hesitate to stuff it with tissue paper. If you want to bring your headgear on a trip with you, you can put away your Miki docker beanie in its cotton pouch by folding it in half. You will then simply have to remember to take it out of its pouch as soon as possible to maintain the round shape.

You can use an adhesive brush to remove the small dust collected on the material of the hat.


For all the hats from BÉTON CIRÉ’s collection made up with a natural or non-natural leather yoke, the dry washing is highly recommended.


For all our headgear, for the maintenance and preservation of quality, washing machine and tumble drying are never recommended.