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A Day In Brooklyn!

While in Brooklyn, NYC Béton Ciré met up with Marcus Stewart also known as ‘The Fashion Doctor’ by his clientele and his community through social media!

For more information: / @thefashiondr

Marcus has been passionate about Fashion since his early childhood and has devoted his entire teenage years and entry into adult life to doing whatever it takes to get into this industry and succeed.

Coming from New Orleans, this brilliant young man began his studies at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. He then took his first steps in various Marketing departments and as a Creative Director for renowned companies such as Prada, Dolce Gabbana and later Vogue, GQ and Harper's Bazaar among others... It allowed him to get various opportunities to work with great celebrities like Katy Perry, Olivia Wilde or Emma Roberts and also as a Style Expert for FOX, ABC and CBS.

"The Fashion Doctor" has already come a long way and his approach to the client is rather catchy! His goal is to offer a complete fashion design service to celebrities and politicians getting along with their original wardrobe but also with their lifestyle.

Marcus answers our questions:

BC : What do you do for a living?
M : I’m a Fashion Consultant/TV Personality.

BC : What could you say to us about your job?
M : I have a dual career life. One day I’m redoing a clients wardrobe and the next day I’m on the TV screen chatting celebrity fashion and trends. I love it.

BC : Why choosing to live and work in NYC ?
M : NYC is where I first came to actually dive into the modeling world but my career in fashion has kept me here along with the overall energy and feel of the city. Plus I don’t like to drive so it’s easy for me and it’s only 6 hours away from Paris depending how fast the plane goes.

BC : Which other city makes you dream ?
M : Paris is my dream city to live in. I would love to spend at least a full year there soon.


Passionate about photography and videography, he expresses his creativity through various striking Fashion portraits.

@daveyxking / Youtube Davey King

Davey answers our questions:

BC : What’s your job?
D : I define myself more as a Content Creator.

BC : This means?
D : Getting the ability to bring an idea from its concept to life is quite fulfilling.

BC : Why choosing to live and work in NYC ?
D : Mainly I grew up here and I know the magic that this unique city has to offer.

BC : Which other city makes you dream ?
D : Tokyo because Japan has this particular aesthetic taste I’ve been yearning to experience.

@katebrunotts and @thefashiondr by Davey King

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