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Maison Chateau Rouge X Béton Ciré Featuring

The Senagalese Bretons

During a conversation, Amelie Leroux, founder of Beton Cire, and Youssouf, the founder of Maison Chateau Rouge found a surprising link between their two universes : “ the Senagalese Bretons”

Cette expression singulière identifie les pêcheurs de Dakar qui traversent les côtes à bord de longues pirogues colorées, décorées de motifs religieux, symboles de leur culture et croyance. Ces navigateurs, dévoués à leur tâche, se relaient en continue pour alimenter les restaurants et les marchés de cette capitale cosmopolite.

This exceptional voyage between Brittany and the Senegalese coastline has inspired 5 hat models; First, three Breton Mikis, totally recovered with blue, yellow and red wax. This African fabric found in the 18th district of Paris is the emblem of the Maison Chateau Rouge. Then, the bob/ sun hat, recovered with red wax: the perfect urban accessory, and finally, the Chalutier, the traditional fisherman's hat available in blue wax. A combination of fabrics and shapes that modernize with style the traditional hat from Brittany.

Created and designed in France very meticulously, this collection highlights the values of these two brands: friendship, family, unity and generosity.

This collaboration is very symbolic and meaningful for these two friends who have combined their cultures to create 5 models that highlight a similar approach of the popular culture.

Urban and modern, these very colorful models reflect their attachment to their homeland. Both, Amelie from Britanny and Youssouf from Dakar, highlight the cultural and esthetic heritage of their homeland.

The shooting of the Senegalese fishermen, took place in urban and marine places, on the splendid grounds of the Senegalese capital.

The natural attitude of the fishermen really made Amelie and Youssouf's job easier. Both creators like exchanging and sharing moments along their voyages that enhance their work. It was easy for them to convince fishermen to put on the modern equipment that will soon be doomed to be popular worldwide.


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