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The new adjustable corn leather tab

THE adjustable tab :

 It’s part of our DNA at Béton Ciré. It’s what gives our Miki its edgy, high-end style.  

For a number of years we were able to produce it from offcuts of leather.

Once the pace picked up, we had to start making it from whole skins to meet the growing demand for our hats. 

Then, a few months ago, friends in the footwear industry introduced me to corn leather. The factory that patented this material also has all the tools to manufacture our tab to the quality I have been seeking to achieve since the earliest days of Béton Ciré. 

Let me explain: 

 - I wanted a bold grain like you find on leather bags, which I never had with my factory 

- A leather-goods finish on the edges to prevent the leather from fraying 

- A colour reminiscent of a baseball glove 

This new material and factory met all these criteria. So we approved production. My hat makers have been delighted ever since. The quality of this part of the hat is no longer down to them :) 

So everyone is happy  👏🏼

Another advantage is that many customers were asking for "VEGAN" Mikis, and now their wish has been granted!

But this will not stop us continuing to offer leather hats, since leather is a material that no one is currently able to replace.

👩🏼‍🏫 More TIPS on our tab to follow in a future newsletter 

To be continued!

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