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Justin Bieber totally crazy about the french Docker Beanie hats from Beton Cire

Justin Bieber has begun the now famous Justice World Tour in March and guess what ? Hwe discovered with great joy, that he's got our Miki beani hat on his head !His amazing stylists, Grace Wrightsell and Karla Welch from L.A created his outsanding looks with our docker Miki hat.

So, if you go on Justin Bieber's insta account you'll see him wearing our last clolab with « Comme des Garçons », on stage or backstage, with Hailey Bieber !

Personally, i didbn't really know Justin's songs but apparently my case is rare as he's got more than 236 million followers !

The show looks amazing ! I'm even starting to hum some of his songs !

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